GCSE Tuition

Our qualified tutors will tailor tuition to your son or daughter and their individual requirements within a particular GCSE subject. For example, students may be looking for private tuition for:
  • Exam preparation, to run through past exam papers and focus on exam and revision skills
  • GCSE retakes
  • Regular ongoing support for homework help and to consolidate their class learning
  • A set period of time to build confidence in a specific GCSE subject or subjects
  • Specific subject areas/coursework requirements
  • GCSE study skills
Our GCSE services include
  • Year round courses, intensive revision courses, Easter revision courses and regular mock exam practice leading up to the actual exams
  • Targeted learning that is exam board specific to ensure that your child’s time and effort is focused in the right areas to ensure the best possible results
  • Weekly homework which is set, monitored and marked by us
  • On-going support right up to the final exams
About us

PlusTuition provides a premier home tuition service. One that focuses on a small team of dedicated tutors passionate about teaching and all known to us personally; regular monitoring of a pupil’s progress with feedback; a point of contact for parents and expert advice on a range of educational issues from selecting the right school for your child to special needs assessments. All our tutors are interviewed in person and we only pick the best. Our vetting process is among the most stringent in the industry, and we have been provided with the DBS checks and qualifications of all our tutors.