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Offering tuition for the CEM 11+ exam in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. CEM is an acronym which stands for the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, a research group based at the School for Education, University of Durham (CEM 11+). The CEM produce 11 plus entrance tests for schools and local authorities.

The core subjects in CEM 11+ Exams are:
  • English & Verbal Reasoning (VR)
  • Maths & Numerical Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR)

A child preparing for success in any 11 plus exam should:
  • Have strong core skills in English, including a large vocabulary set, Maths and reasoning (verbal, non-verbal & numerical).
  • Be comfortable to read instructions carefully and answer question types which they have or have not seen before
  • Manage their time effectively in an exam of any length.
  • Stay calm and focussed under exam conditions while working speedily and accurately.

We believe in building a solid foundation and recomend tutoring atleast 9 months prior to the tests. We believe a child's education is of the utmost importance as this period of learning will impact on how their future unfolds. Learning is structured so that we can capture each child's enthusiasm and imagination and allow them to enjoy learning. Although most schools say you can’t be tutored for their entrance exams, we find children perform better and with more confidence when they are familiar with the format of the exams. With our hand-picked tutors, they will focus on achieving a broader and deeper understanding of the key examination areas of English and Maths, plus Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning where required.Places at good secondary schools are in very high demand and competition is fierce, so it helps your child to have a solid grounding in these exams to maximise their potential for success with speed and accuracy.

Berkshire 11+
Berkshire has seven grammar schools. Two of the grammar schools are in Reading (Reading boys and Kendrick) and the remaining four are in Slough. The four schools in Slough – Slough Grammar, Langley, Herschel and St. Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School operate a consortium for admissions. Parents need to complete a registration form and return it to their first choice school, which is where their child will then take the test. Herschel, Slough and Langley Grammar Schools are often over-subscribed, with approximately 10 applicants for every place. St. Bernard’s Grammar School has about 3 applications for every place and the school gives priority to children of the Roman Catholic faith.

Buckingham 11+
Buckinghamshire remains fully selective for pupils moving into secondary school. There are 13 grammar schools for which Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) administer the admissions criteria.

About us

PlusTuition provides a premier home tuition service. One that focuses on a small team of dedicated tutors passionate about teaching and all known to us personally; regular monitoring of a pupil’s progress with feedback; a point of contact for parents and expert advice on a range of educational issues from selecting the right school for your child to special needs assessments. All our tutors are interviewed in person and we only pick the best. Our vetting process is among the most stringent in the industry, and we have been provided with the DBS checks and qualifications of all our tutors.